Reports & Monographs

Reports & Monographs

Robert Dingwall monographs

(R. Dingwall, L.M. Hoffman, K. Staniland) Guest editors, Sociology of Health and Illness Monograph Issue, ‘Pandemics and Emerging Infectious Diseases: The Sociological Agenda’ February 2013, 35; 2: 167-344. Published as a book by Wiley-Blackwell, 2013.

(R.Dingwall, A. Balmer. M.Goulden) BBSRC Sustainable Bioenergy Scenario Tool, November 2012.

(R. Dingwall, M. Kitchener and J. Waring) Guest editors, Social Science and Medicine: Part Special Issue on ‘Organization studies and the analysis of health systems’ 2012, 74; 3: 273-460.

(G. Currie, T. Starr, L. White R. Dingwall, A. Watson, P. Trueman) Comparative evaluation of children’s services networks: Analysing professional, organisational and sector boundaries in Paediatric Nephrology, Children’s Safeguarding and Cleft Lip and Palate Networks, Southampton: NIHR, 2010. Downloadable from or

(R. Dingwall, C. Palmer, E. Rowley, J. Waring, T. Murcott) PS050: Synthesis of the outputs of research commissioned under the Patient Safety Research Portfolio. Downloadable from

(R. Dingwall and E. Rowley) PS 022 Reuse of Single Use medical Devices (SUDs). National survey of current practice and in-depth qualitative study to establish practitioners rationale for re-use Downloadable from /Patient_Safety_The_Reuse_of_Single_Use_Devices

(M. Allyse Fuller-Deets and R. Dingwall) The Ethical Implications of Options for Improving the Folate Intake of Women of Reproductive Age, London: Food Standards Agency, 2007. Downloadable from

(B. Nerlich, R.Dingwall and P. Martin) Guest editors, Discourse and Society Special issue on ‘Human Genome Discourse’ 2004, 15; 2.

(R. Dingwall and P. Watson), Small Pharmacies and the National Health Service, Sheffield: Trent Institute for Health Services Research, 2002. Downloadable from

(R.Dingwall with P. Hopkins and K. Forbes), Genetic Testing, Personal Insurance and Social Exclusion, Report for the National Consumer Council, London, 2001.

(G. Davis with G. Bevan, S. Clisby, Z. Cumming, R. Dingwall, P. Fenn, S. Finch, R. Fitzgerald, S. Goldie, D. Greatbatch, A. James, S. Pearce), Monitoring Publicly Funded Family Mediation: Report to the Legal Services Commission, London: Legal Services Commission, 2000.

(A. Pilnick, R. Dingwall, E. Spencer and R. Finn), Genetic Counselling: A Review of the Literature, Sheffield: Trent Institute for Health Services Research, 2000.

(E. Murphy, R. Dingwall, D. Greatbatch, S. Parker and P. Watson), Qualitative Research Methods in Health Technology Assessment: A Review of the Literature, Health Technology Assessment 2, No.16, Southampton: National Coordinating Centre for Health Technology Assessment, 1998. Downloadable from

(R. Dingwall, P. Fenn and J. Tuck), Rationing and Cost‑Containment in Legal Services, No. 1/98 Lord Chancellor’s Department Research Series, London: Lord Chancellor’s Department, 1998.Professions and Social Order in a Global Society, Working Paper 1, Centre for Professions and Professional Work, Nottingham: School of Sociology and Social Policy, University of Nottingham, 1997.

(A. Aldridge, R. Dingwall, P.Watson), Evaluation of Two Pharmaceutical Care Programmes for People with Mental Health Problems Living in the Community, Sheffield: Trent Institute for Health Services Research, 1996.

(P. Watson, N. Hendey, R. Dingwall, E. Spencer and P. Wilson), The Mid‑Level Practitioner: A Review of the Literature on Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant Programmes, Sheffield: Trent Institute for Health Services Research, 1996. Downloadable from

(B. New, M. Solomon, R. Dingwall and J.V. McHale), A Question of Give and Take: Improving the Supply of Donor Organs for Transplantation, London: Kings Fund Institute, 1994.

(R. Dingwall and J. Shapland) Reforming British Policing: Missions and Structures, Faculty of Law, University of Sheffield/School of Social Studies, University of Nottingham, 1993.(Editor), Socio-Legal Aspects of Medical Practice, Royal College of Physicians, London, 1989.

(W.L.F. Felstiner and R. Dingwall), Asbestos Litigation in the United Kingdom: An Interim Report, Oxford, Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, 1989.

(C. Ham, R. Dingwall, P. Fenn and D.R. Harris), Medical Negligence: Compensation and Accountability, London/Oxford, King’s Fund Institute/Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, 1988.

(J.M. Eekelaar and R. Dingwall), Report on the replies of governments to the enquiry under Article 57 of the European Convention concerning the implementation of the European Convention on Human Rights in respect of children and young persons placed in care or in institutions following a decision of the administrative or judicial authorities, Strasbourg, Council of Europe, 1987.   (Also published in French)