No one can ensure total safety… We must fight pandemic of FEAR

No-one can make all human lives completely safe. The zero-Covid agenda presents a fantasy of immortality that more reflective medics know is impossible. As vaccination rolls out and treatments improve, the risk of serious illness or death is falling rapidly. We can live with a new endemic infection, but this will only happen if we… Read More »

We need to start talking now about how life will be once jabs make Covid less deadly than the flu

… troubling infection rates and daily death counts, although impossible to ignore, are not the only way to understand this pandemic and our attempts to defeat it. After all, there is real hope for the future thanks to the creation of new vaccines. But we still need clear heads if we want to phase out… Read More »

Covid, Simmel and the Future of Cities

One particular loss in the present emergency is Georg Simmel’s discussion of the case for cities, in his 1902 essay ‘The Metropolis and Mental Life’…it presents crucial arguments against the break-up of urban life that is envisioned by some contemporary Utopians: the case against the 15-minute city needs to be heard… Simmel composed this lecture… Read More »

Medical Imperialism and the Fate of Christmas

No English government has tried to regulate the people’s Christmas since 1655 and 1656 – and that did not go well. After the English Civil War, the country was divided into regions administered by Major-Generals – religious zealots who thought Christmas should be a time for sobriety and reflection rather than joy and celebration. Their… Read More »

We must learn to live with the virus – just like Samuel Pepys lived with the Great Plague

Humans have lived with infectious diseases for at least 15,000 years. Many of these are shared with animals. They infect us, we infect them and, from time to time, there is a new crossover, as with Covid-19…. Humanity has a long history of dealing with these things. What history shows us is that the only… Read More »

Science, Society and Policy in the Face of Uncertainty

Now available online – a recording of the presentation at the Virtual Conference of the British Sociological Association’s Medical Sociology Group on 10 September 2020, chaired by Jen Remnant and featuring Professor Graham Martin (Cambridge) Dr Esmee Hanna (De Montfort) and Professor Robert Dingwall (NTU/Dingwall Enterprises). Prompted originally by the scientific dispute over the value… Read More »

Qualitative Research Methods for Nurses

Now published – with pandemic update squeezed in as it went to press and added to the supporting website! Covering the entire research process – from understanding theory to writing up your project – this book provides students with an easy-to-follow introduction to qualitative methods in nursing and healthcare. It offers straightforward guidance on key… Read More »

The Coffin Cure: Why Vaccine Regulation Matters

Sociologists of Science and Technology take science fiction very seriously. Although it is often dismissed as a cheap literary form, it represents an important way in which contemporary societies try to think about and shape their futures. In this respect, it stands alongside more ‘respectable’ literary forms like modelling or scenario planning. Science fiction emerges… Read More »