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The International Sociological Association should be ashamed of its President

…including the statement that “The eastward expansion of NATO is a provocation…”. While this does not lead the President to condone the Russian response, his argument is a general one against war rather than a specific criticism of colonial ambition. At least by implication, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has, in his text, some measure… Read More »

King Canute and the Cult of Zero Infection

…Even a monarch cannot countermand the fundamentals of the universe. This is a lesson that some still struggle with in considering the goals of clinical medicine and public health. If they only had enough money, power and time, biomedical scientists could eliminate infection and, at least by implication, allow humans to live forever. Philosophers, ethicists… Read More »

Pandemic Management – The path not taken

‘Judge me in a year’ said Anders Tegnell, Sweden’s State Epidemiologist, in July 2020, when his country was being attacked for sticking to its pandemic plan rather than adopting the novel intervention of lockdown. The latest World Health Organization figures add to the evidence that has been accumulating since summer 2021. Sweden managed the pandemic… Read More »

Methods in Socio-Legal Research: Observation

A podcast interview with Professor Linda Mulcahy about the role of observational research in socio-legal studies, drawing on our shared history with the Oxford Centre for Socio-Legal Studies going back to the 1980s. Videos

Covid-19: How to learn the lessons of policy failure

The dust is settling on the UK House of Commons report, produced jointly by its Select Committees on health and on science and technology, about the initial handling of the Covid-19 pandemic. Predictably, the government’s critics have used its 20/20 hindsight to argue that many lives would have been saved if only they had been… Read More »