Modern Day Racism

Commentary for Press TV about racism in the contemporary world


Celebrity Culture and its Influence on Consumer Buying Behavior

Commentary for Press TV about the use and impact of celebrity endorsements in consumer advertising

Globalization and Local Cultures

Commentary for Press TV about the interactions between contemporary global society and local cultural traditions

Alternative Medicine

Commentary for Press TV about the place of alternative medicine in global health care

Robot Care for the Elderly

Commentary for Press TV about the future use of technology to support the care of older people.

Privacy in a Cashless Society

Commentary for Press TV on the pressures to move towards a cashless society and the problems that may result from this.

Declining Trust in the Modern World

Commentary for Press TV on the role of trust in modern societies.

Why I am (not) a Symbolic Interactionist

My Plenary Address from the 8th Conference of the European Society for the Study of Symbolic Interactionism in Lòdz, Poland, 6 July 2017.

This is not my greatest performance – the first 10-15 minutes are affected by a bad reaction to monosodium glutamate in the soup at lunchtime and I forgot to use the PowerPoint slides! I am also wrongly credited with an affiliation at the University of Nottingham.

The Crisis of Moral Values in Modern Life

Commentary for Press TV about the claims that moral values have declined in modern life – spoiler alert – I am rather sceptical.

Social Science and Ebola

In an interview for an Argentine TV channel (in English with subtitles), Robert Dingwall discusses the neglect of social science in responses to the 2015 Ebola outbreak in West Africa and the human consequences.

Interview with Peter M Hall for Symbolic Interaction

Peter M Hall, who died in December 2017, was a leading figure in the interactional study of organizations. I interviewed him at the 2015 SSSI meetings in San Francisco. The interview is posted here as a tribute to a fine scholar who was much loved by all those who knew him.

The Scope of Symbolic Interaction

As editor of the journal (2010-2016), Symbolic Interaction, Robert Dingwall describes the family of approaches to sociology that are connected by a common heritage.