New consultancy – Strengthening the Europe-Africa Digital Ecosystem Through Increased R&I Cooperation

By | 30th January 2024

Dingwall Enterprises have been appointed to provide independent ethics advice to the EU HORIZON Coordination and Support Action SEADE (Strengthening the Europe-Africa Digital Ecosystem Through Increased R&I Cooperation)

The SEADE project provides fundamental and tangible support services to the Research and Innovation (R&I) ecosystems of Europe (EU) and Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), undertaking human-centred research, programme development/delivery, and pilot actions in four SSA target regions to support increased cooperation. These actions will focus on two key areas identified as challenges for this ecosystem: digital transformation and international collaboration. By founding the actions of SEADE in a human-centred approach, the activities can be developed through user-, as well as market-driven research, ensuring the services developed are relevant and required by the target users, and therefore more likely to be successful. The delivery of these new services within 4 pilot regions (Ghana, Kenya, Senegal, South Africa), will enable the SEADE consortium to set measurable criteria for the assessment of such actions within different cultural, political, and financial ecosystems. This data will enable SEADE to produce key policy positioning papers and reports, which can support the development of further R&IID targeted actions in other African regions.

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