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Edgar Morin’s Leçons d’un siècle de vie

Edgar Morin is probably the most influential French sociologist that the English-speaking world has never acknowledged… In part, this is likely to be because he does not fit the image of French sociology that has dominated the English-speaking academic world. Morin has always taken his own line on major issues of the day rather than… Read More »

Coronavirus – Global Agenda: World Lockdown – Battling the Pandemic

Panel discussion for NHK – the Japanese public broadcasting network Borders can’t contain the raging COVID-19 pandemic. It has forced unprecedented action, but the outlook is grim. What is the nature of the coronavirus and how should we confront the worldwide risks? Moderator Ebara Miki Chief International Correspondent, NHK WORLD-JAPAN Panelists Shindo Nahoko Senior Advisor,… Read More »

Globalization and Local Cultures

A new link on the video page to a Press TV programme looking at the challenges to local traditions from global society. My contributions question whether traditions deserve to survive unless they work for everyone in the community that has adopted them.