CHOICE connect recommends Sage Handbook of Research Management

By | 12th October 2016

From the October 2016 issue of CHOICE connect:A publication of the Association of College and Research Libraries

Faculty engage in research typically as a function of their positions at universities, for professional interest, or to help advance their fields. However, managing a research project involves more than just disciplinary expertise. This unique volume is intended as a reference resource for leadership, organizational, and management issues related to humanities and social science research and as a teaching tool for introducing doctoral candidates to these concepts. It can also be of value to other stakeholders across the research management spectrum, from funders and upper-level management to administrators involved in research support. Editors Dingwall and McDonnell are prominent researchers based, respectively, in the UK and US, who bring to the project collective expertise in higher education, administration, consulting, journalism, non-profit advocacy, and longitudinal research. Their experience gives them insight into the tensions and conflicting demands researchers in higher education face. The editors have gathered an international group of authors to discuss aspects of management across the research life cycle, with three main sections focused on starting, implementing, and disseminating research. The editors’ introduction and conclusion help readers understand the context and interplay of successful management for organizations, teams, and their leaders.

–W. Dressel, Princeton University Library

Summing Up: Recommended. Graduate students through researchers/faculty; professionals/practitioners.

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