Health and Safety in a Changing World – Special Issue of Policy and Practice in Health and Safety now out

By | 31st October 2016

The IOSH research programme ‘Health and Safety in a Changing World’ is the subject of a special issue of Policy and Practice in Health and Safety. This contains six papers reflecting the work of the projects funded under the programme, together with an editorial introduction by Patrick Waterson, the journal editor, and myself. The programme was designed to investigate the consequences of the changes that had taken place in the social and institutional context of OSH, with the restructuring of British industry and its workforce, the development of a degree of cultural antipathy to perceived over-regulation, and the attempt to promote an approach to workplace safety based on risk rather than on hazard. New approaches to OSH practice were needed, reflecting the evolution of more networked forms of organization, the greater professionalism required to operate knowledge-based rather than rule-based assessments and interventions, and the need to secure public legitimacy for OSH as an endeavour.

A book describing  the work for a more general professional readership is in press and due for publication in January 2017.

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