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By | 19th March 2018

The Negotiator's Desk Reference

It is a great honour to be part of the new edition of The Negotiator’s Desk Reference edited by the indefatigable Chris Honeyman and Andrea Schneider. This has just been published by the DRI Press of Mitchell Hamline School of Law at St Paul, Minnesota in two volumes. I have a half share in two chapters, one with Gale Miller on the social contexts of disputes and one with Carrie Menkel-Meadow on consumer disputes with large corporations. The whole project, however, is a comprehensive and accessible guide to the latest international thinking about disputes and negotiation.

Some early comments
A phenomenal contribution to the field of negotiation! The Negotiator’s Desk Reference is the definitive resource for learning about this exciting field’s breadth and depth. Honeyman and Schneider masterfully weave together foundational and cutting edge ideas into a comprehensive yet accessible book. It is just as useful for the well-versed scholar as it is for the well-meaning practitioner. Highly recommended!
Daniel L. Shapiro, Ph.D.
Founder and Director, Harvard International Negotiation Program
Associate Professor of Psychology, Harvard Medical School

The Negotiator’s Desk Reference makes a stunning contribution.  If you don’t know what you don’t know about negotiation, just read the table of contents, and prepare to broaden and deepen your knowledge.
Leonard L. Riskin
Harris H. Agnew Visiting Professor of Dispute Resolution
Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law

The Negotiator’s Desk Reference is the magnum opus for cutting-edge issues in dispute resolution. With seventeen major sections and 101 chapters, this collection explores an array of new frontiers—for example, aesthetics, digital media, and neuroscience—while also covering traditional topics, such as agents, teams, and trust. With an all-star interdisciplinary cast, it captures both the reality and the potential of negotiation theory and practice.
Linda L. Putnam
Distinguished Research Professor of Communication, Emerita
University of California, Santa Barbara

For practitioners and scholars alike, this will serve as an essential resource for those concerned with conflict resolution.
Robert H. Mnookin 
Williston Professor of Law
Director, Harvard Negotiation Research Project, and Chair, Program on Negotiation
Harvard Law School

The most singular achievement of the Negotiator’s Desk Reference is to avoid the temptation of proposing a single, simplistic, “do-it-this-way” approach. Its diversity and depth enriches the work of negotiators and negotiation teachers alike.
Dr. Julie Macfarlane
Distinguished Professor of Law
University of Windsor

The Honeyman/Schneider team has done it again!  Their Negotiator’s Desk Reference will prove an invaluable tool for business practitioners in this demanding field, who need accurate, accessible, well-presented information on a wide range of relevant subjects.
Daniel Rose
Chairman, Rose Associates, and philanthropist

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